The aims and objectives of the company are:

To carry on business as a general commercial company, to carry out any activity and to effect any transaction whatsoever whether or not that activity or transaction is incidental or conducive to the carrying on of any trade or business by the Association.

To promote the economic development of the Teesdale area through the encouragement of training possibilities and opportunities, advice, provision of accommodation for these purposes or any business use or through any other method whatsoever.

To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire real or personal property and rights or privileges, and to construct, maintain and alter buildidngs or erections.

To contribute effectively to the social and economic development of Teesdale in accordance with the policies of national, regional and local government and other relevant organisations.

To work in partnership with other organisations in pursuance of the above.

To manage effectively and efficiently the company's property at Enterprise House in Barnard Castle particularly with regard to financial matters.

To ensure that services delivered through the company are provided to the highest standards possible with particular attention to staff skills, levels of maintenance and provision of the latest technology.

To carry out regular and effective communication with all users of Enterprise House, including tenants, and to promote the facilities and services available in a co-ordinated manner.

To employ the staff necessary to carry out its functions to the standards required and to regularly monitor working conditions, remuneration, achievements and personal development.

To ensure that health and safety, access for all and environmental care are included in the policies and day to day operation of the company.

To monitor developments in training, business support and workspace provision in Teesdale to guide future activity and projects for the company in accordance with its purpose and other objectives.

To prepare and regularly update a Business Plan for the company which includes Enterprise House and provides an agreed framework for its operations and may include appropriate targets to be met.

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