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Teesdale Development Company Ltd –Privacy Statement

It is Teesdale Development Company Limited’s responsibility to ensure that the personal data which you have given us is kept safe, and that we only use this data for the purposes for which it was given. We also have an obligation to only communicate with you in ways you have told us is acceptable, and that we only contact you about things you have said you want to hear about.

The new GDPR requirement is around obtaining consent to use personal data, which will impact on how Teesdale Development Company Limited obtains and renews consent. In addition, GDPR also introduces the need to record the details for auditing purposes.

Teesdale Development Company Limited records personal data for staff, tenants, customers, suppliers and networking group members. We use your data to inform you of news and events and individuals can notify us at any time if they do not want us to do this.

We have assessed the personal data which Teesdale Development Company Limited holds and as you have engaged with us, then we will continue to hold personal data about you based on a legitimate interest assessment. We believe that we hold this information, and communicate with you, on the basis that it is essential for delivering services.

As an organisation we only record information which we need to enable us to deliver services:



Email Address

Telephone No

Bank Account Details

You are always free to ask us what data we hold on your records, and request a copy, which you can request be amended or even deleted.

Teesdale Development Company Limited will never sell your information or pass your information to an unauthorised third party. We will delete all archived records after a period of 5 years.

You decide how and when we contact you, and you can change this instruction at any time. If you would like to make changes to how we communicate with you, then please telephone 01833 696750 or email

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